Created by fans and artists for fans and artists, to connect like never before.
It’s comic con without all the walking.

Your destination for Comic Con NFTs, collectibles, Official Merchandise and more.

Comic Con Metaverse is built by artists and fans for artists and fans. As an artist in the CCMV, you will always have a home to meet fans and connect with one another, sell your designs, NFTs, collectibles and merchandise.


There are a number of ways to receive coins. From contributions with community building, enrollment in various activities and in world events. Helping to grow the world by getting others registered will be rewarded. World design, build and development help will be rewarded. Attendance at various events. There will be a coin sale for people to purchase coins.

There are a couple of ways to get CCC at LACC.

  1. Go into the CCMV and find a CCC vending machine (It’s the CCMV logo). Click the logo, it will deposit an NFT into your wallet. Open the NFT and fill out the form with you wallet address. Next week after the event is over, we will send you your coins.
  2. Scan the QR code for the wallet at LACC. In the wallet you will find a CCC NFT, open it and follow the instructions above.
  3. Find someone wearing a CCMV t-shirt and scan the back of their shirt. This will lead you to the wallet where you will have a number of NFTs including the CCC NFT. Follow the instructions above.

The Polygon PoS chain. To add Polygon to MetaMask wallet please follow these steps

Any non-custodial Polygon-compatible wallet like MetaMask can be used to access the coins.

  1. If you do not have a wallet (and an address), please get yourself a wallet – like MetaMask
  2. Add Polygon network to your MetaMask wallet.
  3. Add Comic Con Coin Contract to your wallet.
    1. Select Polygon network
    2. Import Tokens
      1. Token Contract Address: 0x6E2A6AB315baE6782deB327fDF546cFD80041212
      2. Token Symbol: CCC
      3. Token Decimal: 18
  4. Request Comic Con Coin
  5. Once the coins are delivered you should see them in your MetaMask Wallet.

This current campaign will end on Monday at 10am PT. But, we will always reward the community for their involvement, creativity and contributions. New campaigns will be coming soon so make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!

We are looking at Q4 2022 for a land sale

That is determined by the market and changes daily.

Yes, but you must first swap your coins for Matic to be able to cash out.

Yes, you will be able to use fiat currency in certain areas of the CCMV, but the ultimate and only coin to be used within the CCMV is the CCC.

Yes, you can swap CCC for other coins and tokens on the Polygon Blockchain.

Because this is a fair coin that is designed to reward artists and fans for their contributions to the community, which is the ultimate incentive and reward to build an incredible world.