Rules & Privacy Policy

Welcome to the 1st Metaverse Cosplay Competition for LA Comic Con 2022!

Join us in the Metaverse as we showcase you and your costumes! All genres are welcome including characters from film, television, theater, comics, video games, sci-fi, anime, horror and even original creations!

How to Register:  Register for the Metaverse Cosplay Competition [HERE].

Where & When:

· Registration launches Sept 17th – Sept 30th in the Metaverse. Top ten voted on Oct 20- 26th in the Metaverse. Winner announced November 2nd, virtually live in the Metaverse.

Prizes: US ONLY. Winner will receive travel for the winner only, hotel accommodations, two weekend badges and one entry into the LACC Cosplay National Championship to compete in their chosen division based on eligibility. There is no guaranteed placement in the Los Angeles Comic Con Cosplay National Championship, meaning you will have to also compete against entries in your division.

Fine Print: This prize is solely for the Metaverse Cosplay Competition winner. Only the winner of the Metaverse Cosplay Competition will be offered this prize, NO other person can go in the registered winner’s place. If for some unforeseen reason and circumstances the selected winner cannot attend the Los Angeles Comic Convention the Metaverse Cosplay Competition organizers will choose a runner up at the full discretion of the Metaverse and LACC team. Prizes will consist of one economy/coach round trip, not to exceed $2500, flight to Los Angeles from US Only. Dates are subject to availability and exact show dates, event runs December 2-4th 2022. Hotel accommodations are for a single room for up two occupants in a nearby hotel. Two weekend badges for Los Angeles Comic Con. If the winner has already purchased travel and hotel accommodations prior to the November 2nd Metaverse Cosplay Competition winner announcement, the winner will be reimbursed up to an authorized amount equal to but not exceeding the initial prize of economy/coach round trip and lodging at a nearby hotel located near these Los Angeles Convention Center. By entering the Metaverse Cosplay Competition you hereby adhere to the stated rules and agree to book with an LACC organizer who will contact you, for all travel needs and planning. You also allow Metaverse and LACC permission to use all images and video uploads for the sole purpose of the competition inside the Metaverse, and all marketing materials. No purchase necessary. 


The Metaverse Cosplay Competition is not limited to for example: Novice, Journeyman or Master. This is a, one winner only contest. Our judges will judge all entries accordingly and pick the top 10. Those top ten will be our finalists in the Metaverse contest. This portion of the contest will be an online vote specific contest and will run from October 20th through October 26th, 2022.

Metaverse Cosplay Competition Rules:

 The following rules apply to ALL entrants, including the Los Angeles Comic Con Cosplay National Championship Rules below.

· Entry into the event is at the discretion of the event staff, and we reserve the right to reject ANY entrant who does not adhere to these rules or whose costume is in violation of them. Please see the convention harassment policy HERE.

Please note: The Metaverse Contest is for Individuals ONLY. No groups may enter. The winner of the Metaverse Cosplay Competition may only be allowed to enter as an individual for the LACC Cosplay National Championship

Costume Composition:

· Store-bought costumes are NOT PERMITTED! Your costume needs to be made or modified by you. We obviously will not judge you by store bought shoes.

· Modifications to specific outsourced items will be carefully assessed by our judges and must be at least a 50% modified from original piece. This applies to all aspects of your costume.     

· We are not allowing designs worn by anyone other than the maker of the costume. The maker and wearer of the costume must be present and registered to enter. No one is allowed to model your costume in this year’s Championship.

· While we do allow for a few minor pre-made, pre-purchased items, we are looking for craftsmanship and creativity. You may also give credit to your fellow costumer(s) who assisted you during the construction of your entry. Any assistance can only be up to 30% assistance, for example, you may have purchased a 3D printed prop as opposed to modeling and printing it yourself but you may have finished the piece off yourself. Again judgment of this will be at the full discretion of the judges.

· Original character designs and concepts are allowed. We are also allowing mashups and different takes on pre-existing characters. Please be prepared to show the judges your reference for all characters not cannon to their original intellectual property.

Kid-Friendly Show Reminder:

· There will be children present and your costumes and presentation should be suitable for ALL ages. As a reminder entry into the event is at the discretion of the event staff, and we reserve the right to reject ANY entrant who does not adhere to these rules or whose costume is in violation of them. Please see the convention harassment policy HERE.

Costume Presentation:

This will be held virtually inside the Metaverse, we are asking for you to submit at least one complete full body image of you in your cosplay and up to 10 detailed close up and wide photos of the costume for our judges to review.

Prohibited Items:

· Please refer to the official show costume/weapon policy HERE.

· If you are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume weapons.

Live Animals:

· Live animals are not allowed during the show or pre-judging unless they are a service animal. No animal is allowed on the stage at any time. Our staff is on hand to assist you during the main stage event.

Not Eligible to Enter:

· The following are prohibited from entering the Los Angeles Comic Con Cosplay National Championship:

· ANY current Los Angeles Comic Con, including volunteers, paid staff, celebrity and cosplay guests. If you have judged in a previous Los Angeles Comic Con Cosplay National Championship you must wait one year before registering to compete in between judging and competing. 

Be mindful, the winner of this contest will be able to go on to enter the LACC Cosplay National Championship, held in Los Angeles December 3rd 2022. At which the winner will have to abide by all rules and regulations when entering the in person Championship. PLEASE SEE THOSE RULES BELOW. All entries MUST read and follow the rules for the in person LACC National Cosplay Championship. If you do not meet the criteria for the advanced categories of Journeyman and Master you are not eligible to enter and will be disqualified.


Official Los Angeles Comic Con Cosplay National Championship

The rules below are solely for the in person event to be held on Dec 3rd on the main stage. Times and locations of pre-judging and main event are TBA. These rules are exclusively for this event and NOT the Metaverse Cosplay Competition. These rules are in place for all entrants to review should you be picked the winner of the Metaverse Cosplay Competition as you will be automatically entered into the LACC Cosplay National Championship and must adhere to the rules below based on the division you choose to enter. Please review these rules carefully. The full complete list of the rules for the Los Angeles Cosplay National Championship can be viewed HERE.


· There are four divisions  for this year’s Los Angeles Comic Con Cosplay National Championship including a Best In Show. Best In Show is NOT a division one can enter it is decided upon at the end of the show during awards ceremony.

· For entrants who are participating as a GROUP, (must complete the form for which ever division listing for entrants. You are limited to 4 members max.

Novice Division (ages 13 and up):

· Every entrant is limited to participating in ONE division.

· You may enter either as an INDIVIDUAL or a GROUP (2-4 persons).

· If you are under the age of 18, you must apply with signed permission from a parent or legal guardian. Cash prizes will be written in the form a check to that parent or legal guardian of 18 years or older.

· There will be prizes/recognition for the top three winners in this division.

· Qualifications: This division is limited to encourage those new to costuming and competitions. Entries for this category have not competed in Journeyman nor Master categories at a prior LACC, Masquerade or Cosplay Competition.

Journeyman Division (ages 13 and up):

· Every entrant is limited to participating in ONE division.

· You may enter either as an INDIVIDUAL or a GROUP (2-4 persons).

· There will be prizes/recognition for  top three winners in this division.

· Qualifications: Though you may be newer to costuming, consider this entry tier if you have competed before in the Journeyman or Novice division and have placed at a prior LACC or any other Masquerade or Cosplay Competition in this division.

Master Division (ages 13 and up)

· Every entrant is limited to participating in ONE division

· You may enter either as an INDIVIDUAL or a GROUP (2-4 persons).

· There will be prizes/recognition for the top three winners in this category.

· Qualifications: This division is designed for the most advanced competitors. Entry must have entered in Journeyman or Master division prior and have placed in Journeyman or Master division at LACC or any other Masquerade or Cosplay Competition. The stakes are high. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Masters in Armored Division (ages 13 and up):

  Every entrant is limited to participating in ONE division.

· You may enter either as an INDIVIDUAL or a GROUP (2-4 persons).

· There will be prizes/recognition for the top three winners in this division.

· Qualifications: This division is designed for the most advanced competitors. Entry must have entered in Journeyman or Master division prior and have placed in Journeyman or Master division at LACC or any other Masquerade or Cosplay Competition. The stakes are high. However this is a NEW division and your build must be at least 60% armor and fabrication including your props and weapons. This isn’t a division where the cloth garment of the armor will be heavily judged but the overall armor, prop and weapon fabrications themselves. 



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